we are serious about 
working with People

who have great ideas

and from personal experience we understand how hard it is to get new projects off the ground. Our unique approach to working with entrepreneurs helps them create MVP’s to assist with funding, getting users on board and speaking to focus groups.

Pitch to us

We simply ask that you pitch your idea to us so we can understand your concept. Then we can work out if we’re a great match to get involved and help you along your journey. 
When listing your idea, please keep the concept abstract so you don’t pass on the IP of your idea prior to us signing an NDA with you. You should be able to explain the industry and the problem you are trying to solve, and probably even quote a similar app so that we can review it, but keep your unique selling point to yourself at this stage. If you believe that your idea is so earth-shattering disruptive (uber is going down!) then keep it really high level & explain only why you think its a great idea.

Example:  A competitor landscape analysis is a documented review done by you or a third party researcher looking at those direct & indirect competitors that you will be fighting with for market share.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt pdf doc.
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Do you have any of these already organised?

This can help us understand what platforms / architecture you need and also if you’re realistic about your expectations.
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